Jon Worthy is a grinder with a true unadulterated energy and passion for music and performing. Worthy’s sound can best be described as if Nirvana had a baby with The Lumineers. Jon played 121 shows in 2019 including a handful of festivals such as Musikfest. In 2020 with the pandemic, Jon switched pivoted to recording/production where he set up a recording studio at his house and began releasing self produced music like songs such as She’s Alright, Remember When, and I’ll Be Ok. Worthy has worked with several prominent names including Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant), Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes), and Arlie. In 2018, Parish produced Worthy’s album Only A Dream. Parish also played guitar on several of the tracks. 2019 saw Jon release his third full length album called Something's Gotta Give. This album veered towards more of an indie americana folk sound than prior releases. The album has amassed over 250K streams and radio play across the country.


Jon has had placements from several of these tracks with Major League Baseball commercials, an indie film slated for a 2021 release, and a commercial by international real estate giant Savills. Jon is slated to release a trove of new music/music videos in 2021. For these songs Worthy worked with producers of Arlie and Kid Freud on new tracks and the songs will have a wide ranging sound from indie folk to indie pop to alternative rock n roll! Jon is also busy with side projects including KJ Wild featuring Nashville artist/songwriter Kiki Halliday and fronting alternative rock band St Dorian. All of Jon’s music is from the heart and written with passion and desperation.


With peace and grooves,